Former Eastern Boarder

The traces society leaves in nature are recurring subjects in my work. The strange situations these traces create are most captivating for me. This summer I will travel along the former inner German border. I’m going looking for evidence of the existence of this historic boundary. Small hints of it, which have not been taken over by a tourist information center or such things.

The journey will begin in the northern regions of Germany around Lübeck, and will lead through Berlin and further southward to the Polish border. If there’s enough time and money we’ll also be traveling to a place called Unterwellenborn in Eastern Germany, and to a place in Poland called Z?otniki Luba?skie (German: Goldentraum) on an short exploratory tour of where my family roots lie.

If anyone has suggestions for places I need to see, or people I need to talk to, please let me know.

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