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Memory Transition

Memory Transition

Memory Transition is an installation based on drawings, photographs and slide projection.

Installation, 2014. Memory Transition is an installation based on drawings, photographs and a slide projection. It brings together different themes, blending memory and photography, historical events of German history (the Second World War, the division of East and West Germany afterwards), and the techniques of framing a person during the start of…

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Installation, 2014.

Newsletter April 2015

Dear reader, Various bits of documentation for my work “Memory Transition” will be part of the symposium “Herdenken blijft een…

Memory Transition

Newsletter July 2014

Dear reader, As of right now, you can finally view my work Memory Transition online! Feel free to take a look,…

Premo Film Pack Tank

Newsletter April 2014

During the last couple of months I’ve been digging deeply into the history of Silesia. I’ve received some literary recommendations about that subject. Together with visual artist and friend I am establishing an international art collective.

Detail of the Fürstenzug, Dresden (2013).

Newsletter December 2013

Dear reader, This year has been a fruitful and interesting year —Berlin is treating me well. Reading —and writing myself…

The Theory and Practice of Perspective - G. A. Storey (1910)

Newsletter Summer 2013

Now: Finishing my research paper on individual and collective memory. New work: Subject matter is the forced migration of German people from the eastern part of Europe.

Patent drawing of Artificial Arm by John Condell, 1865.

Newsletter December 2012

Dear reader, The year 2012 started off very well. Successfully I finished my Master thesis at the Sandberg Institute and…

Photographic device from ca. 1840

Newsletter June 2012

Dear reader, A short response on my latest news: Thank you all for your helpful replies to my graduation thesis!…

Memory Apparatus

Newsletter February 2012

“Memory Generation – On The Apparatus Of Remembering”. In this thesis I use family photos to show the difficulty in ‘reading’ images. The context of a family photo is deeply connected to our memory.

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