Souvenir Camera

The Souvenir Camera’s are small plastic toys. They have the form of a photo camera. In the inside of the camera is a slide attached. On the slide are eight pictures. The body of the camera works as a slide-projector. By looking through the viewfinder of the camera one can see one of the eight images. By pulling down the “shutter” the image changes. There are two different styles of the Souvenir Camera, the black and the white body. And there are three topics of images in all of the cameras. One camera is showing pictures out of the Heimat series, the second one shows pictures of ‚former concentration camps‘ in Germany and the third one is showing photos of the ‚former Inner-German boarder‘ that divided West Germany from East Germany until 1989, that I visited in 2008.

All photographs are made between 2008 and 2009.

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