The installation consists of forty-eight 6,5 cm by 5,0 cm game cards. A list shows an explanation of the experiences that are drawn on the game cards. The list and game cards are presented in a display cabinet. This is accompanied by a video showing how two people play the game.

This work is basically a copy of the original memory-game. Twenty-four matching pairs of game cards shuffled and placed on the table, print facing down. The goal is to collect pairs. The player with the most pairs wins. For the drawings on the cards, I listed events I’ve experienced. All these experiences were shared with someone. We both made 24 drawings from those experiences from our memories of them. Same situations, other perspectives.

It resulted in 48 completely different drawings, and a game that is unplayable, even for the people who made it.

Subject of this work is the different perception of a situation.

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