Building a Pinhole Camera

The simplicity of black and white photography is what has fascinated me since I first started working in the dark room. I started experimenting with analog black and white photography and finally brought it to its perfection. After a few years I reached my aim and I started getting irritated by handling the photo technique so well.

I converted my 35 mm camera into a pinhole camera, I build a paper pinhole camera and transformed my view camera into a pinhole camera. After experimenting with different camera systems I decided to build a wooden camera obscura. The only existing tool I used is a 4  x 5 inch film holder.

A helpful website for calculating the measurements of the camera:

In 2008 I started building the first camera. So I bought a saw and some wood and started irritating the neighbors. And finally a pretty nice camera came out.

The photo’s are provided with a short explanation on what’s shown.

See also the building of a 20-foot cargo container camera obscura. Here you can find the two projects I participated in converting a container into a camera obscura in 2008.

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