Heimat in a Lightbox

A conceptual work on how to prevent getting homesick in a global world.

Imagine you move from the countryside of Germany to New York City. But you are a little frustrated to leave your hometown. Even though you are excited to move into a big city you already miss your beautiful view out of your window. Probably a beautiful landscape with mountains and woods, or a wonderful view of your garden!

I got help for you. If you order the Heimat in a Lightbox I will help you take your Heimat with you wherever you are going.

I will make a photograph of your hometown window view or whatever you like to see out of your new window. Then I will copy an existing window in your new house and combine it with the photograph. Basically it is a copy of your window view of your old house combined into the new window in your new house that is functioning as a light box.

For more information or if you are interested in ordering the Heimat in a Lightbox fill out the contact form . I will contact you as soon as possible.

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