The series Heimat is influenced by the historical development of the term Heimat itself. Heimat is a German word that loosely translates to “Homeland”, but refers much more to a mindset than to an area of land. What is most interesting is that other cultures never gave the word Heimat such a strong importance as the Germans did.

Today the word has a different meaning to people than it had a century ago. The meaning might have evolved, but the longing for a safe and well-known place remains the same. Heimat is usually only of much importance if the danger arises it might be lost to us. In an expanding and ever more present world the concept of Heimat and the search for it, will remain contemporary as ever. The cliché of an idyllic, countryside Heimat has been replaced by a utopian and worldly international homeland, where everybody has a place. In the beginning of my research I was mostly preoccupied with the cliché-like images that are connected to the term Heimat and the recurring thematic in the movies and the novels of that genre.

Nowadays we do not necessarily refer to a location when Heimat is concerned. The current homeland is much more abstract, since we are not as much bound to a location anymore. People use the word Heimat to describe a center-point of personal life. In the series Heimat I am trying to discover my own homeland, with all its clichés and ambiguities. But there is also room for a quiet, almost poetic Heimat in the works of the series.

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