The installation work Hansaland is questioning how we remember certain situations and how we place these memories into our own personal history.

Last year I started a series of drawings related to drawings I made during a vacation with family members in 1984. I am glad my godparents kept the drawings of the Hansa Park. That’s an amusement park located in the north of Germany, which we visited on our trip. I don’t remember this trip at all, even though I was already 5 years old. Some years ago my family showed me photographs of the trip. They told me stories, me always wanting to have a ride on a very fast merry-go-round, which made my mother almost throw up. I realized while time is passing by I have incorporated their stories into my memory. I even caught myself telling someone the stories they told me in a way as if I was fully aware what happened back in 1984 on that trip. The photographs, and the stories I have been told make me believe this really happened. I found this very fascinating, so in 2008 I traveled back to the amusement park. I made photographs. Back at home I again made drawings related to what I saw.

In the installation Hansaland I projected the slides I made of the amusement park onto the drawings that have also been made related of my visit in 2008.

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