Newsletter April 2014

Dear reader,

During the last couple of months I’ve been digging deeply into the history of Silesia. I’ve received some literary recommendations about that subject, and very much enjoyed reading Norman Davies‘ and Roger Moorhouse’s “Microcosm – Portrait of a Central European City”, and writings of the historian Andreas Kossert on the Silesian population that was expelled from Silesia and had to move to Germany after 1945.

Work on a new video project has started as well, this project deals with the same subject matter. At the moment I’m collecting all information, and I’m reviewing the eyewitness records I have collected during the past year.

Together with visual artist and friend Eva Frapiccini we are establishing an international art collective. The collective’s goal right now is a publication with interdisciplinary works and interviews with artists, writers, musicians, theorists, etc. The idea is to invite a changing selection of people each year to contribute what ever is on their mind. More on this later this year.

For now, all the best.

Ina Marie Schmidt

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