Seh-Container Project 2008

The Seh-Container Projekt 2008 will take place in Nordrhein-Westfalen, in the west of Germany through the whole month of september 2008. The exhibition consists of four artists who will exhibit their work in a standard cargo-container used on container ships. The containers will travel along four cities in the area, a different city every week. Menden, Hagen, Siegen (my home-town) and finally Iserlohn.

I have sent in a project proposal some time ago, and it was received well, so I’m in!

The plan is to build a pinhole camera from the cargo container itself. Building on the pun, Seh-Container literally means Seeing Container, I decided to turn the container into camera. A camera you can go in to and walk around in. This will show people the basic principle of photography, and allow them to experiment with it first-hand. I will be present at all locations to further explain the work and work in the area with my pinhole camera.

So if you want to see me at work, or just drop by to take a look at the giant camera, you are most welcome!

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    […] this is going to happen in September 2008. For more information check out my news article on the project, or the Seh-Container […]

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