We Will Never Know For Sure

The exhibition We Will Never Know For Sure in W139 in Amsterdam is open from March 18th until the 2th of April 2011.

We Will Never Know For Sure is a group show of a selection of Fine Art students of the Sandberg Institute. There are six groups of artists showing in turns their work. The exhibitions are curated by Christina Li and Yael Messer.

My work will be shown on the first weekend of April, Friday 1st until Saturday 2nd of April. Make sure to come to the opening on Friday the 1st of April at 19:00.

In the whole period of the exhibition are also lectures, performances and other activities planned. For the exact information take a look at the exhibition flyer or check the website of W139.

Departing from the subjective experience, Ina Marie Schmidt examines the meaning of images for individual perception and shared memory. This tendency can be seen in the work Image Concept, a questioner Schmidt composed regarding historic sites in Germany which provoke the tension between past and present, collective and personal memory, the materiality of places and immateriality of their image. Schmidt’s other work, Memory, implies images and situations which are bound not only to the eye of the beholder but to the memory as well.

By Christina Li and Yael Messer, 2011.


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