Seh-Container Projekt

The Seh-Container Projekt is a project that will take place every two years. Artist can apply to the project with a concept for an exhibition or project to be realized on location in a 20-foot cargo container.

The first edition, in 2008, will take place in the cities of Menden, Hagen, Siegen and Iserlohn in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The container will travel to four cities and will stay there for one week.

Four artists (Heike Demleitner, Andrea Freiberg and Silke Krah, Künstlergruppe N-E-S-T, Ina Marie Schmidt) were invited to show their works, each in a 20-foot cargo container.

I applied to the project with the concept of building a Camera Obscura out of the cargo container. I want to use the container as a gigantic camera and take photos with the container while it travels through four different cities. The container will also function as a darkroom for developing the photos.

The opening of the Seh-Container Projekt 2008 exhibition will be september 1st in Menden, Germany.

Menden Monday, 01-09-2008 Sunday, 07-09-2008
Hagen Tuesday, 09-09-2008 Monday, 15-09-2008
Siegen Wednesday, 17-09-2008 Tuesday, 23-09-2008
Iserlohn Thursday, 25-09-2008 Wednesday, 01-10-2008

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