Constructors (The way we think)

On 7th of March the exhibition Constructors (The way we think) at the Souterrain in Amsterdam opened. Six artists are showing their installation, photo or video work, Saskia Kattenburg, Judith Leysner, Agatha Christina von Otten, Ina Marie Schmidt, Jetske Verhoeven and Mariken Wessel.

I exhibited the installation work Stand and Snowball.

Constructors, those who create by assembling or combining parts by systematically
arranging ideas or terms, are the basis of this exhibition.
It’s the man who is associated with this term in the modern time, where it could well fit
women better. Is there a demonstrable difference between male and female artists in
the creation of an artwork? In the world of contemporary arts are there unwritten codes
to which man and women consciously or unconsciously conform because of their gender?
Constructors, the way we think is an exhibition, which through the work of 6 female
artists examines the position of women in contemporary experimental art.

Curator Rona Mathlener

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