Newsletter June 2012

Dear reader,

A short response on my latest news:

Thank you all for your helpful replies to my graduation thesis! From
there, a lot of interesting conversations on family photos emerged. I received
interesting correspondence from people abroad, telling me about their
perception of family photos, which is often quite different from mine. This way I
learned that in Asia the experience of this subject varies widely, and
that it’s often very different from the European viewpoint.


A fellow artist, Pierfabrizio Paradiso, has written a thesis as well. In
his thesis project, he has selected a video from my work “Family
Matters”. This video will be screened at the NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan on the 3rd of July, at 15:00 hours.
Pierfabrizio approached several artists, and raised questions about everyday
experience. The presentation will be kept at the NABA, Via C. Darwin 21,
Milano, Italy. If you are near Milan, make sure to visit his presentation.

Master Graduation

The graduation show will take place from July 11-15. It’s titled
“Festival of Choices”, and in this event different institutes from Amsterdam
will each present one graduating artist. I’m very happy to announce my
work was selected by the curators of the SMBA – Stedelijk Museum Bureau

The exhibition opens on the 11th of July at 16:00 hours.

Please keep July 11th free in your calendars, and make sure to visit the

Kind regards,

Ina Marie Schmidt

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